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May 22, 2014:
Many restaurants and food stores now have foods specially for lap band patients.


Maintain Nutrition:

Loss of nutrition is one of the major concerns for people who get lap band surgery. Supplements and careful food choices prevent many dietary issues that can lead to poor health despite significant weight loss.

Popular Foods For Gastric Banding Patients

Proper Chewing Habits Can Help Patients Lose Weight And Enjoy Food

As a general rule, the Lap Band Diet Menu can be very varied if sensible eating habits are taken into account. Following surgery, the only foods eaten can be liquid or gelatin based, followed by mushy and then solid food. Your surgeon should give you a specific list, and following it is highly recommended no matter what cravings your body might be throwing at you. Changing your eating habits in this time is going to be key to your lap band success. Avoiding soups and smoothies is also key, since they can pass right through the band with little effect, and this can mean you get more calories despite the band. Foods that are allowed are one serving per day of poultry, meat, fish and eggs, but fats in general should be kept down to less than 5 teaspoons.

The ideal beverage for lap band success is water, but Coffee and Tea are OK, as long as they are not overly sweetened. Since caffeine is an appetite suppressant, this might be a good choice as long as you don't have other medical issues the prohibit caffeine consumption.

Deserts are off the list since they have high fat content, and even if you only eat them on special occasions, giving yourself an excuse may be the gateway to eating fatty foods all the time, and you won't lose weight despite the band. Your surgeon will likely tell you that some people with lap bands don't lose weight, and this is because they manage to eat sweets and desserts that go right by the band and make it ineffective. For this reason, sugary sodas should be avoided.

Following Surgery:

Soft Fruit


No Fluids During Meal
Adequate Fluid (water or electrolytes without sugar) During The Day
Protein Shakes
Small Apples
Skim Mozzerella
Frozen Berries
Turkey Sandwich
Small Garden Salad

A piece of advice given to prospective gastric banding and bariatric patients is to try the diet before getting surgery, even if you plan on having it within several months. You need to experiment with proper chewing, small meals, and the flavors or textures that you will enjoy. From a post-op standpoint you may have a harder time deciding what you want to eat, or planning meals, if you are not adequately prepared. Remember, what you had in a single meal before could be enough for two days and therefore you need to find ways to make your meals more compact, and invest in good food storage so you don't let your choices go to waste.

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