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April 30, 2011:


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What Are Lap Band Diet Restrictions? Are They Like Bariatric Diet Guidelines?

Guide to eating when getting a lap band

Lap band diet guidelines are very similar to those for bariatric (stomach stapling) patients in that the stomach's capacity is restricted. Therefore, no matter what lap band patients choose to eat, it is in smaller amounts than the average meal, but the wearer will feel full. The unfortunate consequences of overeating can include vomiting and upper gastric complications. Furthermore, since the FDA has approved lap bands for people with BMI scores below previous obesity levels, more people getting the lap band must now be aware of the restrictions that come with lap band usage. As a general rule, it pays to avoid sugars and fats with no nutritional value. Since it takes less food to feel full, it usually pays to go with flavorful foods from basic food groups and to pick fruits and vegetables over fatty proteins. Since the idea is to lose weight by feeling full, it can help to "fill up" on more healthful foods instead of eating ones that are too fatty. While dairy group foods can still be eaten, indulging on ice cream and shakes may not be the best way to lose the weight expected with lap bands. Note that some people don't lose weight on lap bands if they keep eating.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Any surgical alternatives for weight loss should be considered carefully following advice from a physician, and after attempting other ways of losing weight and modifying your lifestyle. Any surgery has risks of complications.